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Divine Blood - Avalon Hangar by Tenshikii by Thrythlind Divine Blood - Avalon Hangar by Tenshikii by Thrythlind
This is a Commission Stamp by jackcrowder
Art by :iconishutani:
Who has posted here: Hangar by Ishutani


Establishment: June 22, 1947
Type: Mercenary and Weapons Development
Influence: Worldwide
Racial Makeup: Non-psychic humans and Visionaries


In the days after World War II there were a number of people that had fought for one country or another whether officially or as part of a resistance. Some of the regular soldiers remained in their respective military organizations, in some cases fighting in the newer conflicts developing in the world. Others returned home to their various countries in order to attempt to fit back into the civilian world. But a fair number of these soldiers and freedom fighters, now lacking a purpose or direction, ended up offering their military skills as mercenaries to a variety of clients. Several small companies of mercenaries came out of this period used by individuals, companies and even countries to perform various tasks.

Avalon was originally one such mercenary company. The idea for Avalon was born in a conversation between a small group of men and women in an inn on a small island off the coast of Wales on June 22, 1947, almost half a year after Germany’s surrender. The individuals behind its formation included Germans, Italians and British military and businessmen as well as a wealthy British woman of the aristocracy who’d lost husband, siblings and all but one child to the war over the nearly ten years it lasted. All of them had seen horrors in the war, whether at home or on the front lines, and all wanted to make sure that at the very least civilians were protected from such things in the future.

Unlike other mercenary organizations rising out of this period, Avalon’s purpose was not to make money, but rather to do everything it could to protect people. For some it was for the sake of justice in and of itself, for others it was a matter of redemption and for others it was the only thing they still knew how to do. Initially, they took mostly bodyguard and rescue jobs and were primarily funded by Lady Calleigh Vance. During this period, they remained small and for the most part unprofitable. It wasn’t until 1952 that they began to rise in wealth influence and power.

In 1952, the small team of Avalon rescued and subsequently hired a young psychic by the name of Jeremiah Mason who would later be noted as the world’s first documented Visionary. Jeremiah’s abilities led him to be an inventive genius and he created several revolutionary pieces of equipment which Avalon’s business-minded members took no delay in turning into profit. From that point onward, Avalon’s mercenary found themselves more and more funded by the company’s own efforts rather than the jobs they were taking.

As other Visionaries were discovered and accepted into the organization, the technological development of Avalon continued to advance ahead of the rest of the world. That high-tech was quickly turned into profit and funding for the group’s overall purpose. With these high-tech wonders, Avalon could afford to be cautious about the mercenaries it hired. It began scouting people out rather than accepting applications. Creed, race and nationality were not an issue, only an agreement towards the basic concept that the civilian world should be protected was required, and it was not a requirement that is broadcast.

Avalon began looking into psychics and supernatural study in response to the four Visionaries on their staff developing odd symptoms. It was in 1960 that they first encountered Psyche. Seeing the amount that Psyche had accomplished with little to no founding, Avalon presented them an offer of funding. Since then, Psyche has been directly sponsored by Avalon and thus expected to perform tasks for the mercenary company when asked. This relationship has been kept quiet from all but Avalon’s most trusted members since that point in time. Currently, not even every Seat is aware of Psyche’s existence, or at least its connection to Avalon.

Most of its existence, Avalon has been hired to rescue hostages from terrorist activities, eliminate drug operations, and raid into various countries in order to rescue political prisoners. Occasionally, they would strike into Burmese or Warsaw territory, but their primary opponents were small time groups of men. In 1971, they had their first clash with elements of the Path of the Golden Dawn. That first encounter did not prove too much, but over the next several jobs, it became obvious that the Dawn was behind several of the groups they’d been tasked to take on. At the same time, the Path of the Golden Dawn started to become aware of Avalon. By 1976, the Path of the Golden Dawn had been completely proven to exist and it was known that they also had Visionaries working for them.

Avalon and the Dawn continued to have occasional conflicts over the next few years, but the conflicts were incidental rather than planned. That started to change in 1993 when Avalon took in a rogue Visionary that had escaped from the Dawn’s control. Since then, both the Dawn and Avalon have planned out operations specifically with the other as a target and the Visionary that Avalon had taken in eventually became Captain Gaetana Trolleti within its structure. All out war has not yet started, but everyone seems to believe that it is on the horizon.


The collective high command of Avalon is referred to as the Table and the members of the deciding council are referred to as Seats. Each Seat has responsibility for region of the world. Seats are chosen from among the entirety of the organization with an eye towards best representing the overall attitudes and goals of the group. There are currently nine Seats responsible for: Western and Northern Europe, the Middle-East, the Mediterranean, Central Africa, South Africa, Oceania and South Pacific, Northeast Asia, South America, and, finally, North America. They are headed by a tenth member of the Table referred to as the Throne who is primarily responsible for heading overall administration.

Avalon as a whole performs five basic tasks: business and investment; manufacturing; intelligence; research; and military operations. Each Seat is primarily responsible for managing all such activity in their region. Most Seats focus their active attentions on their area of expertise and delegate authority to run the other departments to capable subordinates and monitoring the reports that come back for anything that needs their personal attention.

Military operations is the segment of their activity that Avalon is most well known for among the people that know of its existence. They do a very good job to keep their other activities very much under the radar. In the modern Avalon, each Seat’s military capability can usually be counted in terms of companies. They are lean, quick response elite units for the most part and have not been built with the mind to hold territory.

Avalon has cordial relationships with the US, the CRCMP, the NAA, and Australia. It has also done work for several other nations as well. Most of Avalon’s prototypes and weapons designs end up being sold to the US and then to other nations allied with the US. Burma and the Warsaw Pact have each declared Avalon a criminal organization due to their actions within the borders of those two powers. Most of Avalon’s friendly relationship with other nations in contingent upon Avalon maintaining the secret of such relationships as well as the particulars of whatever job they’re tasked with.
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